Carnivals have been a Venetian tradition for centuries, and the Carnevale di Venezia is one of the most well-known and beloved in the world. Though planning a trip to Venice during carnival season may seem daunting, it is relatively easy with a little bit of planning. And, trust us, it is worth it!

History of the Carnevale di Venezia

The Venice Carnival is held annually from late January to early February or early February to early March (depending on the year). It is a celebration that dates back to the 11th century after the Venice Republic defeated Ulrico, the King of Germany, and patrician of Aquileia. The people held a massive celebration at Saint Mark’s Square, including masquerades and other festivities.

Musicians, acrobats, and jugglers all came to entertain the crowds while eating and drinking before going into Lent fasting. Over the centuries, the carnival has evolved, but it has always been a time for people to let loose, have fun and enjoy themselves.

Why Should You Go?

While the carnival may have started as a victory celebration, it has become much more over the years. It’s a chance for people to come together and celebrate in one of the most beautiful and unique cities on earth.

Venice Carnival is unlike any other carnival or festival you will ever attend. Here, people don elaborate costumes and masks and roam the streets of Venice, enjoying the food, drink, music, and entertainment. It is truly a magical experience.

How to Get the Most of the Carnival

You should ensure that you get the most out of this annual event by doing a little bit of planning before you go. But how can I do that? Below are a few tips to help you out.

1. Choose your dates carefully

The carnival is held annually from late January to early February or early February to early March (depending on the year). If possible, try to plan your trip around one of these dates.

2. Book your accommodation in advance

The Venice carnival is a trendy event, and accommodations fill up quickly. You don’t want to be stuck without a place to stay!

3. Purchase tickets for any events you want to attend in advance

Although most of the carnival’s exciting events like shows and costume parades at Piazza San Marco, video projections, and guided museum tours are free, a few require tickets.

You’ll want to buy these well in advance to avoid disappointment. Ensure you check out the official website for a list of all events happening during the carnival.

4. Carry your mask

One of the most iconic things about the Venice Carnival is the masks; it is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the carnival experience fully. Wearing a mask is a tradition that dates back to the 13th century, when Venetians would wear them to hide their identity while indulging in all the festivities.

Nowadays, all sorts of masks are sold throughout Venice during carnival season. Masks are not only stunning and intricate, but they also hold a lot of meaning. Each type of mask has its symbolism and history.