If you are a minimalist when it comes to travel, you will love the Bandolier luxury crossbody phone case! This sleek hands-free phone case with an attached wallet is the perfect accessory for anyone on the go, but it’s really great for keeping your essentials readily accessible when traveling.  

Whether you’ve been a fan of the Bandolier for several years or have seen your favorite celebrities like Taylor Swift using it, here are a few great reasons to try this chic and practical travel accessory.

Transforms Your Phone into a Crossbody Purse 

Bandoliers are available for a range of phone brands and sizes and come in a variety of styles and colors. You can choose from real or vegan leather and snakeskin material for your phone case, so you are insanely stylish. 

The straps also come in a range of designs that can be adorned with studs transforming your phone case into a high-fashion crossbody purse that everyone will rave about.  

Removable and Adjustable Strap

Bandolier has a fabulous collection of removable and adjustable straps, including faux fur and rhinestone, so you can change the look of your phone case and customize the length. The multifunctional case hangs safely at your side so you can easily reach down to make a call, text, or take a picture.

So no more rummaging in your purse searching for your phone with this life-changing accessory.

Open-Face Snapback Rear Pocket

This versatile phone case has a snapback rear pocket perfectly sized for concealing your driver’s license, credit cards, and some bills. Whether running to the grocery store or hauling luggage through the airport, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. 

Expanded Pouch

The attachable expanded pouch is ideal for holding your car keys, glasses, lip balm, tissues, and a small antibacterial hand gel. With a D-ring design, it is easy to add to any Bandolier crossbody case or use as a hand-held wallet.  

Because of their size, these travel pockets are even stadium friendly, so you can skip the long lines and enjoy the game sooner! It also comes in classic flat for something smaller and 4” x 6” medium.      

AirPods Clip-On Pouch

One of the newest features is the addition of the AirPods clip-on pouch. It is available in AirPod regular, AirPod Pro, and AirPod 3. So no more digging around in your purse or misplacing your AirPods with this dedicated pouch. 

Hailey Folio Crossbody

Bandolier newbies may be concerned that their phone screen will be damaged because it is exposed. If you need reassurance that your phone is protected, the Hailey Folio has a front-face cover with a magnetic closure that protects your screen.    

Billie Crossbody Utility Strap

The adjustable, multi-pocketed utility strap is made with frequent travelers in mind.  With a snap closure, side zipper, and flat zip pocket, you’ll have instant access to all your travel essentials with this show-stopper strap.   

Jaydon Side Slot Crossbody

This side slot phone case comes with a multi-pocketed adjustable utility strap that has three practical compartments. A round pocket designed to hold keys, another flap pocket designed for sunglasses, and a flat zip pocket, making it perfect for city travel.   

The Ultimate Travel Fashion Accessory

Bandolier has a fabulous collection of luxury designs, but there are lots more accessories  to explore: 

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