If you are planning a vacation, you probably are thinking of the best place to make a reservation. one of the fastest and most effective ways to find accommodation is through Airbnbs sites. It is an online platform where you can communicate with different homeowners who want to rent their beautiful houses to you during your vacation.

Here are the best and most unique Airbnb to check before booking your accommodation. 

Eco Bamboo Island 

Eco Bamboo island is not only focused on accommodation but also assures adventurous activities such as hiking in the Besakih Great Temple, Mount Agung, and Bias Tugel Beach. It has incredible features, such as an outdoor swimming pool where guests can enjoy an open-air bath.

Eco Bamboo Island has special offers like the fully paid airport shuttle services to transport its guests to and from Ngurah Rai International airport.

Casa Caracol

Casa Caracol on Island Mujeres is a famous destination because it’s uniquely designed and strategically positioned, allowing guests to enjoy the cool Caribbean breeze. Casa Caracol is a destination with many adventures, such as a walk on the sandy beach of Playa Norte and zip lining in the Garrafon Reef Park and beaches.

Skylodge Adventure Suites 

Skylodge is a beautiful Airbnb built on the peak of a mountain and designed with glass cabins. It is close to excellent mountain scenery such as Catarata Perolniyoc and Pumamarca Ruins, which are beautiful hiking sites.

Underground Hygge 

Underground Hygge is an Airbnb found in Orondo, uniquely designed as a hobbit house with a round doorway and positioned in the Columbia River Gorge mountainside. The Airbnb is close to various tourist sites like Multnomah falls and Mt Hood.

Privately Island

Privately Island is located in Norway and built on the sunny Hvaler, showcasing the beautiful Norwegian archipelago. Guest are provided with a motorboat enabling you to navigate around the islands.

Dome Room

Dome Rooms are built at the base of the Apu Pachatusan mountains, close to the La Pacha village. It’s the best destination to enjoy the beautiful nature and interact with the friendly members of the La Pacha community.

Secluded Airship

Secluded Airship is located in Scotland and is a famous destination for two. The Airbnb is made of aluminum with well-designed dragonfly windows that give a clear view of the Sound of Mull. The Airbnb is close to fantastic tourist sites such as Ardtornish Castle and Ardnamurchan Lighthouse.

Ilulissat Blue Guesthouse

Ilulissat Blue Guesthouse is located in Greenland and positioned for its guests to have a nice view of icebergs. You visit various tourist destinations such as Ilulissat Isfjordscenter, Ilulissat Kunstmuseum, and Knud Rasmussen Museum because they are close to Ilulissat Blue Guesthouse.

Wrap Up

If you are planning a vacation for a low budget but full of beautiful experiences, then the above Airbnbs will do the trick. They have unique structures strategically positioned and located close to popular tourist sites to ensure you get an exceptional experience.