Finding a location full of adventures and exposure would be best if you plan to travel alone. It would be best if you had some time to forget the life-boring daily routine and explore the world’s beauty.

Here are the 12 best places to consider while planning for some alone time.

1. Iceland

Iceland provides a perfect backdrop if solitude and time to think are what you are after. The geysers and the famed blue lagoon make it an island of magic and wonders. The Icelandic people are also amicable, delightful, and ready to engage in good conversation.

2. Toronto

Toronto is situated in Southern Ontario. It is one of the leading destinations for its natural beauties like the 15 Toronto Islands. The city also has an affordable public transport system, allowing you to tour the best parts of the city, such as the Royal Ontario Museum and the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, and have some excellent photo sessions.

3. Bangkok

Bangkok is home to Natural beauty and cultural marvels like the Wat Traimit, the site for the world’s most giant seated golden Buddha. You can explore the night markets while enjoying tuk-tuk rides and Asian street foods.

4. Berlin

Berlin is the best city in Germany to experience the nightlife and one of the best cities to party. The Berghain is one of the most famous nightclubs to visit if you find yourself in Berlin. The city is one of the friendliest in Europe, making it an excellent place to wander alone.

5. Japan

The beautiful hotels in Japan, like the New Furano Prince, make it one of the most incredible places to travel alone. It is also an excellent place to experience the different cuisine like Sushi, a native Japanese dish.

6. Barcelona

The city beaches in Barcelona are one place to relax your mind while enjoying the cool Mediterranean breeze. You can enjoy the local cuisine at the city’s gorgeous restaurants and explore the famous La Boqueria Market.

7. Guatemala

Guatemala is the perfect destination to travel alone on a small budget. You can move around the city by tuk-tuk or chicken buses. You can also visit Antigua, the ancient capital of Guatemala, and explore the ruins of Santa Rosa and Capuchins Monastery.

8. Portland

Portland is the best destination to enjoy tasty street meals from the many food carts. Strolling the city’s Japanese Garden and shopping at Chichicastenango market is amazing while traveling alone.

9. Dublin

Dublin is the best place to travel alone if you are a beer lover. You can kill some time with the native people at the world-famous Guinness Stout and take a cold beer.

10. San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the best tourist attractions in the world because of its famous Golden Gate Bridge. By touring the Golden Gate Bridge, you will make beautiful memories with excellent photos.

11. Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur will suit your plans if you want to enjoy a solo shopping adventure. You can visit the Bukit Bintang district to find various malls, such as the Berjaya Times Square, which has a hotel and shopping center.

12. San Jose

San Jose is home to impressive museums and famous street art that you can appreciate when traveling for a solo vacation. The weather conditions are also pleasant throughout the year, allowing you more time to expose the beautiful city of San Jose.

Wrap Up

Finding the best travel destination for your solo treat requires extensive planning. Many places in the world can be your final destination for a solo trip. But if you want to make lifetime memories, here is a list that will help your select the best place to travel alone.