11 Delicious International Dishes Worth Traveling For

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There are people who travel because they are hungry for knowledge that involves history. There are those people who travel because they want to have a thrilling sense of adventure. There are some who travel to treat themselves with the pleasure of relaxation. And there are some who travel to have a conquest of tasting the best foods that the countries of the Earth can offer. Listed below are the eleven delicious international dishes that are worth traveling for.

Lechon in Philippines


The Lechon of the Philippines really originated from Spain due to its long colonial history. But the Filipinos are creative that they add new flavorings and style to the cooking of this dish.  The pig is seasoned the cooked in a skewer while being flamed with charcoal. Get ready to have a crispy taste of the skin while enjoying the juicy meat of a young pork.

Rendang in Indonesia


The rendang of Indonesia is composed of beef being simmered with  coconut milk and a mixture of lemongrass, galangal, garlic, turmeric, ginger and chilies. The beef is  left to stew for a few hours to create this dish of tender and flavorful beef. Some of the variations are chicken, lamb or goat.

Dim Sum in Hong Kong


The Dim Sum in Hong Kong is particularly the best because of the intricacy and craft of how they do it. Dim Sum includes shrimp dumplings, pot stickers, shaomai, spare ribs and other bite size items that are perfect for tea drinking.

Ramen in Japan


Nothing beats the relaxing and comforting sip of an authentic Japanese Ramen. It is true that Ramen stalls are all around, but the thing is, nothing beats the original. The food is consisted of wheat noodles served with fish or meat broth that is flavored with soy sauce and has colorful toppings, making the food a festival of colors.

Lasagna in Italy


Yes, it is pasta, but the best type because of its layers of lasagne filled with mouth-watering sauce, making no inch of the lasagna flavorless. Aside from the red sauce, Lasagna in Italy can be eaten with white sauce or seafood flavor depending on the menu.

Kebab in Turkey


Kebab of Turkey is not equal to your regular barbeque, despite their similarities. Pieces of meat, fish and vegetables grilled. The history of Kebab in Turkey goes even beyond the 17th century BCE, making this tradition of cooking tested and ancient.

Seafood Paella in Spain


Seafood Paella is the most famous type of Paella because of the mouthwatering aquatic ingredients of the dish such as shrimps, squids and fish meat. The paella is a one big treat because it has the taste of tomato and seafood sinking at your buds while chewing the glutinous rice.

Maple Syrup in Canada


It is true that there are a lot of syrup like the one from the bees, but nothing beats the syrup that came from Canada. Maple Syrup is best for breakfast especially with pancakes and toasts.

Peking Duck in China


This is the world’s most famous duck dish that originated from China. Nothing beats an authentic taste of of Peking duck that has thin and crispy skin and meat despite the long days of seasoning.

Curry in India


The curry of India dances with thick sauce and spicy kick. Curry may use fish, poultry and meat as the main ingredient. What makes curry a curry is the mouthwatering sauce that gives flavor to the dish.

Freshly made Seafood tacos in Mexico


In top destinations like Cabo San Lucas, Mexico you can find some of the best and most delicious seafood tacos you can get. Pro tip: hire an experienced private chef in Los Cabos and let his culinary expertise pamper you and your guests.